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Learning Yogi Foundation


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Meet teacher and facilitator Olha Pytiyur of SaveED, a Learning Yogi partner organisation, restoring learning for children affected in warn-torn Ukraine through the Atlas Mission.

About Learning Yogi Foundation

Children from marginalised and underserved communities in India have little access to quality education. As per UNESCO* 1 in 4 children in Grade 8 do not have basic reading skills. The Learning Yogi Foundation focuses on one child at a time. An approach that uses engaging learning tools to bring them up to speed with all the curricular and non-curricular skills they need to succeed. 

Our Impact

The New Education Policy 2020 is shaping a brighter future for education in India, with 21st-century skills, global collaboration at its core. The Atlas Mission bridges the gap between the education of today, to the aspirational goals of the NEP. 

Our solution is working! Today more than 7200+ children globally are learning math, science, reading, and coding. While along the way, learning to work together, problem-solve, communicate and reason in a creative, yet engaging way.