One simple question, do you believe every child deserves an education?

One simple question, do you believe every child deserves an education?

If you think the answer is yes, don’t let distance make the difference.

In 5 minutes, you can return to your plans for the day, but with one major difference. Because of you, children from war-torn Ukraine will be able to continue learning through the Atlas Mission while attending regular school remains a challenge. Children need to learn when they are young, and you can help them make the most of theirs.

Support savED as we empower Ukraine's future through education

Education Empowers. But what’s the story?

For over 20 months, the kids and families in Ukraine have faced growing violence, trauma, destruction, and being forced to leave their homes. Kids are getting hurt, and the violence is causing a lot of pain and fear. Important places like schools and hospitals are getting damaged, making life even harder. Families are getting split up, and it’s tearing their lives apart.

At SavED, our founding mission is to ensure uninterrupted access to education in the aftermath of war. In pursuit of this goal, we collaborate with international partners, philanthropists, businesses, and proactive individuals who share our passion for transformative change.

SavED goes beyond borders, making it a mission to be where it’s most needed, even in small villages with scarce infrastructure. In these areas, roads might be few, but children abound, yearning for support. 

We recognize education as the most strategically sound and valuable investment. SavED serves as a platform for like-minded individuals who support this cause and are ready to join us in rethinking, transforming, and reshaping the educational landscape in Ukraine


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