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How is Learning Yogi changing the landscape of education and learning in India?

In India, education has been a critical issue for many years, and several non-profit organizations have been working to improve the education system. Among them, education foundations and NGOs for education have played a significant role in promoting education in India.

NGOs for education or education foundations play a significant role in improving education across the globe, and in India. While the government has taken several steps to improve the education system, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed. Education NGOs, NGOs for education or education foundations work to fill these gaps and provide support to underprivileged children who do not have access to quality education.

One of the primary ways NGOs for education and education foundations help improve education in India is by providing access to education to underprivileged children. Many children in India cannot attend school due to poverty, lack of infrastructure, and social barriers. NGOs work to identify such children and provide them with educational opportunities.

But in the case of Learning Yogi Foundation, we work to support the education system whether it is education foundations, education NGOs or government schools with Atlas Mission, a first-of-its-kind education game for children to not only learn the curricular skills they need, but also life skills and 21st century skills they need to succeed in life and end the cycle of poverty once and for all.

Education NGOs develop innovative teaching methods that cater to the educational needs of children from different backgrounds. They use technology, like the Atlas Mission to create child-centric learning environments, and use experiential learning methods to make learning fun and engaging for children. The advantages of game-based learning are many. Games are fun and engaging. They make the brain think in new ways and encourage problem-solving and creativity. They can introduce new ideas and complex concepts in a risk-free environment, where students can learn through trial and error. Children are intrinsically motivated to play games.

Is education enough to be a leader? With millions of children around the world struggling in the same job market, it’s the leadership skills that they bring to the table that set them apart from the rest.

We are enabling an ecosystem where every child actually has equal opportunities in this world, a platform where every child is equipped with the necessary skills to take responsibility and end the cycle of poverty, once and for all.

In conclusion, education NGOs, NGOs for education and education foundations play a crucial role in improving education in India. Their work is essential in filling the gaps in the education system and providing access to quality education to underprivileged children, like how we do at the Learning Yogi Foundations. Our efforts have helped improve literacy rates, reduce school dropouts, and create a more inclusive education system in India.

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